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These are the 20 Scientific Women Zakladní Skola Pacov chose to create their banners:



This presentation is for exchange students going to Pacov share their knowledge about scientific women and have a good time checking their understanding with a Kahoot quiz.


Scientific women pp by 4º eso students Slideshare. Click on the photo to see the presentation:


After reading the slides, we will be playing this cooperative team game!!!







Students from 1º ESO 12 years old to FPB2 and 1º bachillerato created cards with women scientists and quote they said. This is connected to a bilingual biography by a QR code. Students doing the activity will have to scan the code on the cards with one mobile or a tablet. Another student will scan the code on the board that addresses to a Google Forms quiz in three different languages. Mathematicians


Physic and Chemistry Women