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SMART WELLNESS. Healthy Youth through digital technology, science and entrepreneurial culture.





Last Friday the 12th of April at 10:30, 3º ESO E performed the play about Hedy Lamarr. 

This short play was prepared in the English class within the European project "Smart Wellness".

We wanted to make students aware of the inventions and personality of this great woman who, in 1941 created the necessary technology which later developped into the wifi and the bluetooth.  

Students performed the play for their first year students within the school "Expoletras" project. "Expoletras" was devoted this year to The Theatre and we could enjoy many other performances by our school students, teachers and other institutions.

This performance has been a rehearsal for others which will take place in May 2019 during the Czech exchange meeting in Córdoba and will be the final "Smart Wellness" project meeting.

The play was first performed in English and then in Spanish and will be part of the Fair about "Scientific Women" which will take part on the 13th and 15th of May 2019.

Every student in the class has a role and this has been a great tool for learning the languages, learning about a scientific woman as a role model, being aware of the capacity all the students have to do a good job and create a feeling of something made by the whole class. 

Congratulations to all the students!

Click on the picture of Hedy Lamarr to watch the video of the perfomance of the play by 3º ESO E:

This is the script of the play in English:

ENGLISH VERSION.  Theatre Play Hedy Lamarr, the Bombshell

Characters: Hedy. Friedi Mandl (first husband). Howard Hughes (an aviator and a film producer).

George Antheil (a pianist and co-author of the patent). Hedy's daughter, Denise Loder.

SCENE 1: (Hedy and Friedi at home in Vienna in 1937 just before deciding to leave)
Friedi: Hedwig, my love, hurry, we're late for dinner ... (already dressed up with a suit and a tie)
Hedy: (Hedy from behind without being seen) Ok. I’m coming.. (with reluctance)
(They are on their way to the restaurant. Friedi has a telephone call and he stops next to Hedy to answer it)

Friedi: Yes? ... you are saying Mr. Hitler's calling, aren’t you? Oh, of course, dear Adolf! How many planes do you need this time? And tanks? Very well. Everything will be ready as you wish. Heil Hitler!
Hedy: And now he is selling weapons to that Nazi! I cannot bear him anymore! I'm abandoning him!

(While Friedi gets ready to leave for the restaurant holding his coat and his hat ... Hedy escapes through the window and abandons him)

(Hedy, already in the street in her coat, hat and scarf on her way to the train station to get to Paris and London)
Hedy: I finally got rid of this anti-Jew Nazi! I will be an actress again ... and this time ... in America.


SCENE 2. (In Hollywood at the end of a shoot with Howard Hughes, who was a film producer and an aviator, he has TOC. There's a clapperboard and movie camera and the big focus of the SUM)

Howard: Hedy, what do you think about my new fighter plane? (old toy airplane with flat wings. He is compulsively rubbing the plane)
Hedy: Well, dear Howie, I think we can improve the speed of these planes. (she is showing him a drowing of a fish and a bird) Look at this fish and this bird. The wings are not square. Our plane has to be like this.  

Howard: (cleaning the plane) Great idea, lovely Hedy. Have you got any new idea for our soldiers in Europe?
Hedy: Indeed, dear me! With this effervescent tablet, soldiers will drink Coca Cola having only a little water. Look! (takes a tablet out of her pocket and takes a glass of water).

Howard: Oh honey, you are the most beautiful woman in the movies world and the most intelligent!
Hedy: Thanks darling! I am also thinking on how to improve radio communications so the enemy cannot intercept them.
Howard: I am also very interested in communications!

Hedy: Great, we will keep on working to get the Allied victory.


SCENE 3: Hedy and George Antheil (dadaist pianist and composer)
(Hedy and George meet at a dinner and are talking in the street when the rest of the diners are gone)
Hedy: Oh George, I think you are a composer with very innovative ideas.
George: Thank you very much Hedy. I love composing by synchronizing various instruments.

Hedy: Great! Would you like to work with me? I'm studying a secret communication system that can help the allies win this war.

George: How interesting! How could I help?

Hedy: Transmissions are vulnerable because the messages last too long and the enemy can have time to locate them. We have to generate interferences.
George: Maybe I could help you, I do not know.
Hedy: Let's see ... I thought about transmitting the messages by breaking them into small parts. Each one would be transmitted changing frequency. But I do not see how to finish the idea.
George: I think we can apply my way of composing to your idea. We can meet tomorrow and study it.
Hedy: Great. Tomorrow we are meeting in my studio after the shooting.
George: I'll be there.
(After six months of work they have already invented their Secret Frequency Communication System, they have patented it and given their rights to the American government on June 10, 1941. The government do not use it, they are speaking when they leave the Capitol)
George: But what do these politicians believe? They say we should devote to the cinema.

Hedy: Selling war bonds? These guys think a woman cannot create anything useful for humanity!


SCENE 4: Hedy and her daughter Denise. When her mother is very old and has lost her memory. They speak of the use that was given to the patent during Cuba missiles crisis and the current use of her patent.
Hedy: My daughter, would you mind to remind me if my patent has ever been used?
Denise: Yes mom. When electronics advanced, your invention was finally used.
Hedy: What use was it given?
Denise: For military transmissions during the Cuban missile crisis in 1962.
Hedy: And didn’t they pay me anything for the patent?
Denise: They used it three years after the patent expired. Bad luck!

Hedy: Well, I do not have money to waste! ... Give me my mobile phone, dear, I want to talk to your brother Anthony, please.

Denise: Ok mom. Here you are. The mobile you are holding uses the system you invented.
Hedy: I remember that what they call now Wifi and Bluetooth has to do with the random channel change to transmit wireless data. It is great!
Denise: You can feel proud of your great communication system invention, mom.

Hedy: I ​​think there are many more fields in which it could be applied to and are still to be explored.

(Hedy sits absently. Denise approaches the audience and says:)

Denise: I want to recite some lines from the poem by RUDYARD KIPLING "If" that reflects the difficulties my mother had for being a privileged mind and the most beautiful actress in Golden Hollywood.

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with Kings-nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds' worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
And-which is more-you'll be a  HUMAN BEING, my mom!

The whole audience shouts:



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